Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the shares of Cordovacann corporation traded?
Shares of Cordovacann Corporation are traded on The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the ticker symbol "CDVA" and the OTCQB Market under the ticker “LVRLF"
When was Cordovacann corporation established?
Cordovacann Corporation was established in June 2017.
How many shares of canopy growth corporation are currently issued and outstanding?
Current share data can be found at
Who is Cordovacann corporation's transfer agent?
Cordovacann Corporation’s transfer agent is TSX Trust. TSX Trust Company can be contacted at 866.600.5869 or
when does the fiscal year end?
June 30
Can shares of Cordovacann corporation be purchased directly from the company?
Shares of Cordovacann Corporation cannot be purchased directly from the company.